Monday, April 20, 2009

Wedding Shots

I recently had an oppunity to photograph a wedding. It was my first time shooting such an important event and it was a tiring experience. Running around trying to get that good shot and rushing to change lenses in-between breaks.

But overall, I really enjoyed the chance to try out something new and I was kinda happy with the results. I ended up taking over 400 shots but here are 3 of my favourites that I like to share.

This is just a warm up as I get back into my photography groove and will be doing my weekly posts (hopefully).

The flower girl was so sweet and she could pose for some really nice shots. I like this one because it showed her calm composure before the start of the wedding procession.

I don't know. Black and whites for wedding shots just seems to appeal to me somehow. Most of the shots were in colour except for a very select few that I thought really brought out the feel of the envrioment. Here you see the back of the couple and allows you to see from a guest's point of view. Can you imagine how nervous the couple must be.

I am especially happy with this shot caught just after a joke told by the priest. I fired out so many shots trying to capture the moment the both of them smiled. I think it was a really tender moment that they shared with all the guest there.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Been Missing

Hello all, sorry that I have been neglecting my Blog but work and studies have been keeping me super busy but I will be coming back with new photos to share over the weekend.

To all my regular visitors…hope to have you coming and commenting here again soon :)