Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cookie Time

Today I thought I would try baking cookies with my son. First we don't have a proper oven for baking and second, I have not baked cookies before. However, with a lack of activites on a cloudy day, it's a really good time to give it a try.

It was suppose to be enough for 2 dozen cookies but instead I think I was a little to ambitious and made them a little too big and the results was; first burnt batch, second soft batch and a third huge cookie that was just too soft:-


Liss said...

Did they taste any good? as it's not what they look like the counts it's how long they stay/don't stay in the cookie jar.

You really need a even heat to bake cookies and cakes so if your oven's not the best then you need to watch them carefully and make a few batch before knowing how long to leave them in for.

As long as you had fun with your son.

Howard said... they taste good or not is a good question. I have to ask my boy but so far his been holding on to the last 3 very tightly.

That even heat is right. I have one of those fan oven thingy that just blows hot air around so the top o the cookies were just nice but the bottom was still wet. Also, it only works up to only 250 degrees when I was suppose to pre-heat to 320.

Impt was that we did really have fun trying. Thanks!

Liss said...

Hi Howard, I've been meaning to tell you the words in my bowl of cereal were fridge magnets, they weren't photo shopped in afterwords. But it was nice that you though my photo shop skill were advanced enough to put words into my cereal LOL

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