Monday, March 1, 2010

Tokyo 3rd Day

Day three was set aside for Tokyo Disney Resorts. It was nice that Tokyo Disney has got a free shuttle service from many of the hotels to Disney. Tokyo would be the 3rd Disney that I have gone to just 2 more left to go (Florida and Euro Disney) to complete the set.

Size wise, Toyko would be similar to that of California, USA with most of the same rides. Although it's winter, the crowds were out in full force with many of the rides having long queues so we spent most of the time in the various houses of Disney charaters like Goofy:-

Here is Toontown with it's crazy Dog Pound:-

What is a visit to Disney without seeing its parade:-

The familar sight of the Disney castle. This was taken as the sun was setting giving the castle a warm glow:-

At the end of the day we were pretty worn out and decided to try the pushcart Ramen stall near our hotel. The hot noodles in cold weather is is such a nice feeling:-