Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tokyo 2nd Day

The rush of the previous day did not stop me from getting up in the cold morning of 6am to take a walk around the hotel neighbourhood.

The first thing I realised was that Japan was really the land of the rising sun. Even this early in a winter's morning, it was bright. My first stop was a little shrine I saw while on the train the day before. This is the Takanawa Shinto Shrine :-

These are the "Komainu" or Guardians that guard the entrance of the shrine. These Guardians are usually Lions, Dogs or Foxes and in this case, they look like lions to me :-

Along the streets, I noticed that they are quite visually impaired friendly with these guide markers to help people navigate the streets and train stations. Also, the street are really clean even before the cleaning crew got to it:-

On the other end the town, there is yet another Shinto Shrine call the Takayama Shrine which according to the plaque (in English), protects the residents and businesses in the area. Here, I managed to capture a shot of someone making a quiet prayer at the foot of the shrine:-

After breakfast, we were out of the hotel and headed to Odaiba. It is a man-made island that was originally a landfill site but now houses several theme parks, a beach, a hot spring and shopping malls galore.

This pink cat is the entrance to a huge cat store that everything you want for your pet including a restruant where you can dine with your cat:-

This is just a glimpse of the longest pedestrian bridge that I have ever crossed:-

Inside Pallet Town is the Venus Fort Mall, which reminds me of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas with it statues and painted sky. You would be right saying that this is a very classy mall and the stores they have there are towards the higher end of the scale:-

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